Infinite Intricacies and WheatPaste

Hello all you beautiful souls! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new. I’ve been in the process of getting settled from my recent move from Portland Maine to San Francisco California. Anyway, thank you all who came out to my farewell show in Maine at the Constellation Gallery last August “Infinite Intracacies.” It was a joyful reception and we all had a blast! Three of my paintings from this show were also chosen by to become wall art and sticky posters like some of my earlier pieces. All of my work for this show was large scale – Four 4’x4′ paintings on hand crafted birch panels (made by my good friend Dan Gagnon), and then one (Elephants in Amsterdam) made of three 30″x80″ panels put together. All of these paintings are done with acrylic, spray paint and paint marker – and are all about the underlying beauty of everything – as well as that liminal place you go between being awake and dreaming, or between the seen and the unseen.

This body of work reflects the idea of the micro and macro, and are inspired by infinite patterns in nature/fractals and all that they posses. The first three paintings below (Midnight Hike, In Between Dreams, Menagerie) were all recently licensed by (like five of my earlier paintings are) and will soon be available on their website as sticky posters and canvas wall art. You can see my other work available as sticky posters and wall art at WheatPaste here . I have lots of exciting things happening here in San Fran (although I do miss Maine with all my heart), and will be making more posts about them soon! Love to you all.

"Midnight Hike" 4'x4'

"In Between Dreams" 4'x4'

"Menagerie" 4'x4'

This painting was an interactive project. I put out an open invitation on facebook for people to name an animal they would like to see in this painting. Can you see yours? : )


"Elephants in Amsterdam" 3 panels all 30"x80"

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