2009 – A Year of Collaborations
Last year was the year of Collaborations for me.  I worked with amazing graphic artist Matt Moore for 5 months to produce our very colorful, energetic, and successful show at Courdroy Gallery, (Portland, Maine)  “Convergence.” Along with the ten paintings that were in the show, Matt and I also collaborated on a mural that was on the front window of the gallery.  Matt and I had a great time working together and I look forward to any future projects with him!




I also worked with Musician/Composer Nathan Marchand on a series of abstract paintings.  It was
a really fun experimental process – using music as our main means of content to produce each piece.  Nathan and I will be showing a series of these paintings this June at Stones’n’Stuff on Congress Street in Portland. Here is a sneak peak of a couple of the pieces below:



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